Common functions



GridView Quick Steps (Updated 2020)

Print Gridview To Excel
GridView Page Template.Zip (include in your project, rename, have fun!)


JQuery Dialogs       

Dialog with external content and without external content 6.6.2024

GridView Page Template with JQuery Dialog Included.Zip (include in your project, rename, have fun!)

GridView “Select” to Modal Dialog Detail and Return (Good example of a list with a “select” for more detail.  Uses an external page for the dialog detail)

Modal Input Box Dialog with PostBack (2023) 2 examples, div and iFrame (solution can be found here: D:\Data\VBSource\DialogBasics)
QuickModalMessage (2023)
JQuery Confirm (2023)
JQuery Parent.aspx opens Child.aspx, the Child.aspx closes and Posts Back The Parent

PopUp an External Page (Good basic reference)
Modal Request Data (Force user to enter data before leaving modal jquery popup 2022) can be found here: D:\Data\VBSource\ModalRequest

MessageBox Function

JQuery InputBox/MessageBox (Use this code to create a quick InputBox/MessageBox.  Calls __doPostback to process div’s data)
Programatically Creaet A Dialog Link (Exam Extra Content)
Dialog Created From Just Javascript

Quick, Make a Dialog Appear on a page
JQuery Dialog Quick Steps (2020)        Download The Project (.zip)  

Simple Dialog Parent/Child Iframe With Links To JQuery 2020  (Source…)
Hide Close ‘x’ and Close after 5 seconds

2 Dialog Links On One Page

ASP.Net Dialog Form Submit


Please Wait Spinner
ToolTipAutomation 2021
Slide Out SideBar
Save and Return to a scroll position



Custom Post Method



JQuery Template 2020

JQuery Elements


JQuery Popup Always OnTop Draggable


Recorder Table (Updated 2020)

ColorBox Link Creator Download

Just the Basics








ClassesV2 with (JSON API)




Toolbar QuickClips






SQL Server


Visual Studio


Text Messaging Numbers


CSS Buttons and Checks and Radios